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Materials Standard Advanced
FR4 (130‐180 Tg by DSC) Y Y
Halogen Free Y Y
BT Epoxy Y Y
Getek Y Y
Isola 370HR 406 408 IS410 IS 420 IS620 Y Y
Nelco 4000 Y Y
Rogers 4000 Y Y
Dupont Pyralux N Y
Aluminum Core Y Y

Surface Finishes

Surface Finishes Standard Advanced
Flash Gold Y Y
Electrolytic Nickel/Hard Gold Y Y
Lead Free HASL Y Y
Immersion Ag Y Y
Immersion Tin Y Y
Selective & Multiple Surface Finishes Y Y
Electrolytic Soft Gold N Y
Carbin Ink Y Y
Peelable Solder Mask / Kapton Tape Y Y

PCB Technologies

PCB Technologies Standard Advanced
Buried and Blind Microvias Y Y
Mixed dielectric / Hybrid construction Y Y
Aluminum Back PCB Y Y
Buried Capacitance N Y
PCB w/Cavity N Y
Conductive hole fill Y Y
Non‐conductive hole fill Y Y
Countersink Y Y
Depth Control Drill and Rout Y Y
Edge Milling N Y
Etch Back Y Y
Impedance +/ - 10% +/- 5%
Scoring and PCB edge Beveling Y Y
In-board Beveling Y Y


Standard Features Standard Advanced
Maximum layer count 20 28
Maximum Panel Size 21" x 24" 24" x 30"
Outer Layer Trace/Spacing (1/3 oz) 0.0035″/0.0035″[90μm/90μm] 0.0025″/0.003″[64μm/76μm]
Inner Layer Trace/Spacing (H oz) 0.003″/0.003″ [76μm/76μm] 0.002″/0.0025″ [50μm/64μm]
Maximum PCB thickness 0.125″[3.2mm] 0.177″[4.5mm]
Minimum PCB thickness 0.008″[0.20mm] 0.004″[0.10mm]
Minimum mechancial drill size 0.008″[0.20mm] 0.004″[0.10mm]
Maximum PCB aspect ration 10:01 12:01
Maximum copper weight 5 oz [178μm] 6 oz [214μm]
Minimum copper weight 1/3 oz [12μm] 1/4 oz [9μm]
Minimum core thickness 0.002″[50μm] 0.0015″[38μm]
Minimum dielectric thickness 0.0025″[64μm] 0.0015″[38μm]
Minimum Pad Size over Drill 0.018″[0.46mm] 0.016″[0.4mm]
Solder Mask Registration +/- 0.002″[50μm] +/- 0.0015″[38μm]
Mimimum Solder Mask Dam 0.003″[76μm] 0.0025″[64μm]
Copper feature to PCB edge 0.015″[0.38mm] 0.010″[0.25mm]
Tolerance on overall dimensions +/- 0.004″[100μm] +/- 0.002″[50μm]

HDI Features

HDI Features Standard Advanced
Capture pad size 0.010″[0.25mm] 0.009″[0.22mm]
Glass reinforced dielectrics Y Y
Maximum aspect ratio 0.6:1 1:01
Minimum microvia hole size 0.004″[100μm] 0.003″[75μm]
Stacked Microvias Y Y
Copper Filled Microvias Y Y
Maximum No. of buildup layer 3+N+3 4+N+4
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